I. Payment methods

MoonGlow offers the following online order payment methods:

Payment on the site – Paypal or Card (including LiberCard and gama cards);
Delivery to any store – Cash or card payment at pick up;
To the courier upon receipt – Payment with the card upon receipt of the order is possible only in the city of Chisinau!

* Payment with Pudra Card:

The individual Pudra Card discount only applies to purchases in physical stores.

The individual Pudra Card discount does not apply to online orders.

II. Beautycoin

Beautycoin is MoonGlow’s currency designed to offer loyal customers the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise. Beautycoins are physical banknotes offered at the end of purchases in physical Moonglow stores and upon receipt of orders from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Beautycoins is valid only with the voucher attached. Beautycoins is only offered if the discount given to the buyer upon purchase is a maximum of -14% in shops and online. Beautycoins will not be offered for purchases with more than -14% discounts (for example, during Black Friday). The existing nominal is 20 and 40 beautycoins. When shopping for a certain amount, buyers receive beautycoins:

550 lei – 20 beautycoins
950 lei – 40 beautycoins
1500 lei – 60 beautycoins
1900 lei – 80 beautycoins
2500 lei – 100 beautycoins
2950 lei – 120 beautycoins
3500 lei – 140 beautycoins

All goods that can be purchased with beautycoins are presented in the menu in the Beautycoin category. Pay attention to the availability of each product in stock! When you have collected enough Beautycoins to purchase a specific Beautycoin product, put it in your shopping bag* and place an online order that includes products that can be purchased with real money. Make sure you have enough beautycoins when you receive your order. After you pay for the order, pay with beautycoins for the product. Beautycoins cannot be exchanged for real money or other items other than those from the Beautycoins category.

* – you must log in to your account in order to put Beautycoin products in the cart.

III. Birthday promocodes

A birthday promocode is automatically generated and sent to your email address only if all 3 rules are met:

1. You have a personal profile on the MoonGlow website;

2. You have correctly filled in and saved your date of birth and email address in the Personal Information section of your profile;

3. You have completed and saved your date of birth and email address at least 10 days in advance of your birthday.

In case of non-compliance with at least one of the rules, the promotional code is not generated and is not sent to the email address. Please check that you have received the email in all categories of your e-mail, including Spam.

The birthday promo code gives you a -20% discount on a one-time online purchase or a one-time offline purchase.

The promo code is sent to the email address specified in the profile, it is valid only 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the email.

For online shopping, write or copy the promo code from the email and paste it into the “Promo Code” box in your shopping cart before proceeding with the payment. The promo code must be entered in full (from the first letter to the last digit).

For offline purchases, show the email received by the consultants and wait while they verify the validity of the promo code.

Your personal information complies with the rules specified on the “Privacy and cookies page.”

IV. Delivery and return

We deliver on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, except for Transnistria. Delivery on the territory of Chisinau city is free. Delivery on the territory of the Republic of Moldova outside Chisinau: 75 lei – for orders up to 450 lei; free – for orders from 450 lei. The delivery time in Chisinau is 36 hours. In cases where you need urgent delivery within 2-3 hours in the city of Chisinau, write to our consultants online your order number and an additional cash payment of 50 lei will be added to the order amount.

The delivery time in the Republic of Moldova is 2-3 working days. If the order is placed on the weekend, public holiday, or after 17:00, the order is processed on the next working day after placing it.

The order on the territory of the Republic of Moldova can also be sent by parcel by our partner Posta Moldovei.

International delivery options:

express delivery, minibus or acquaintances/relatives in Moldova. We will contact you additionally to clarify the delivery method and confirm the readiness of the order.

Attention! In some cases, the customs authorities of the country of your residence can apply the customs clearance procedure. We can’t influence this and are not responsible for any fees that may be imposed by the host country. In case of refusal to receive the parcel with your order, it will be returned at your expense.

In Romania, absolutely all parcels are cleared from customs, starting from 0 euros. In other EU countries, it is paid for each order from 45 euros. The need and cost of customs clearance are discussed with the operator.

The order can also be sent by parcel by the Post of Moldova.


According to Decree No. 1465 of 08.12.2003, MO248-253 / 19.12.2003, No. 1530, Appendix 2, clause 4 (modified by PP1188 of 02.11.2007, MO175 / 09.11.2007), perfumery and cosmetic products are not subject to exchange and return.

V. Gift certificates

When buying a gift certificate, you can’t get a discount that is currently valid in the company (discount cards, seasonal discounts, special offers).

The certificate must be used in full, in one purchase. The certificate is valid only with the receipt attached.

VI. Discounts

Discounts over 12% apply to the original price of items.
Discounts are not cumulative!