Petitfee & Koelf Korean cosmetics are characterised by high quality and guarantee visible results. The company has its own innovative developments and holds a leading position among hydrogel mask manufacturers in Korea. Petitfee & Koelf products are sold in 13 countries and the geography of sales is constantly expanding.

Everyone dreams of having a flawless appearance and keeping their youth as long as possible without spending a lot of time. The Korean company Petitfee & Koelf has succeeded in developing such cosmetic products. The brand specialises in skin care for the face, neck and eyes. The company has its own research institutes and is constantly developing hydrogel technologies.

This is the reason for the popularity of Petitfee & Koelf products worldwide:
The company develops formulas that actively fight age-related changes, eliminate pigmentation;
Both manufacturers use polymer technology at the core of production;
All components of cosmetics are dissolved by water, do not clog pores and do not produce harmful by-products;
Cosmetics contain a high percentage of plant extracts as well as gold extract.

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