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Brand Story:

The Skin House is an exquisite cosmetic brand hailing from South Korea. It is based on the research of the scientific laboratories and research centre of Noksibcho, which has been a leading manufacturer of bioactive supplements, cosmetics for spas and beauty salons, and pharmaceuticals since 1979. Founded in 2011, The Skin House cosmetics brand was initially focused on the domestic market, but due to its quality and effectiveness, it quickly gained popularity internationally.

Brand Mission:

The Skin House’s mission is to provide high quality cosmetics developed through cutting-edge scientific research to help people around the world achieve healthy and beautiful skin. The brand strives to create products that are not only effective but also safe for all skin types, confirming this with various certifications and recommendations from dermatologists.

Interesting facts:

Skin House cosmetics are manufactured in its own Noksibcho factory, which guarantees quality control at all stages of production and favourably distinguishes it from many other brands that use outsourced production.