Brand history:

Its founders realized that even the smallest steps can lead to healthy changes in our beauty and lifestyle. The brand name is a play on words, combining “tea” and “something else”, symbolizing the influence of natural ingredients, especially tea, on the skin.

Brand mission:

T’else’s mission is to use the healing power of tea and other natural extracts to create healthy skin. They strive to make sure that every product in their range is carefully selected from natural ingredients, ensuring optimal results. In addition, the brand prides itself on its clean and natural status, offering eco-friendly packaging made from FSC certified materials.

Interesting facts:

– The brand’s best-selling products include Kombucha Teatox Essence, Jeju Artemisia True Essence and Lavender Relief Hydrogel Mask, which have become bestsellers due to their effectiveness and natural compositions.

– All T’else products are made entirely in Korea, underlining their commitment to high quality and manufacturing traditions.

– A distinctive aspect of the brand is their use of recyclable paper packaging, which helps reduce negative environmental impact and highlights their care for the planet.

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