Brand history:

The Trimay brand first appeared in the Korean cosmetics market in 2020 and immediately gained popularity among consumers worldwide. The founders of the company decided to create unique cosmetics using only natural ingredients with special properties. Thanks to this approach and commitment to quality, Trimay quickly took an honourable place in the top of the best Korean cosmetic brands.

Brand mission:

Trimay’s brand philosophy is based on one simple and important principle: “Quality and Affordability. For everyone!”. The company strives to provide quality cosmetics that are affordable to every consumer. The efficacy of Trimay products is backed by clinical studies, and every ingredient undergoes rigorous certification in South Korea. This ensures the safety and quality of the products the company offers to its customers.

Interesting facts:

  1. Trimay products gather thousands of fans around the world because of their effectiveness and natural composition.
  2. All ingredients used in Trimay products undergo rigorous laboratory testing, which confirms their quality and safety for consumers.
  3. The company strives to make its products accessible to everyone, so it pays special attention to its pricing policy, making its cosmetics available to a wide range of consumers.

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