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Lador is a globally popular brand from South Korea. The brand produces effective products for hair and scalp care.
Lador products provide professional hair care at home and eliminate the need to visit expensive hairdressers and beauty salons. Popular cosmetics from South Korea is guaranteed to make your hair shiny, soft and smooth, fill with healthy shine and help to maintain the brightness of pigment.

Catalogue of products – Lador

– The main hit of the brand – hair filler, which in just 1 application can restore and smooth hair. With regular use, useful components accumulate inside the hair, due to which the effect lasts for a long time.

– Lador scalp peeling helps to exfoliate keratinised cells, removes excess sebum, helps to cope with dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

– Sulphate-free shampoo with keratin is perfect for colour treated hair and after perms. The product rinses hair perfectly, is very gentle and does not dry out the hair.