Village 11 Factory is a young subsidiary brand of Mizon, launched in 2016. From the first day that the products of this brand appeared on the shelves of stores, they have aroused great interest among the public. The brand is characterized by spectacular packaging design, the “secret ingredient” in its products and high-quality products at a very affordable price.

Village 11 Factory ‘s main focus is on cosmetics that truly perform the stated actions and deliver them.

What is Village Factory?

The name Village Factory, which means “village factory”, embodies the brand’s core idea of using predominantly plant-based and natural ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetics. The flagship Village 11 Factory store in Seoul is located in a neighbourhood called Gangnam. It can be compared to Moscow’s Rublevka, where Korean celebrities have their own homes, trendy shops and Michelin restaurants. Thanks to the famous song GANGNAM STYLE by Korean singer PSY, many people are familiar with the name of this neighbourhood.

What does the brand’s product range consist of?

The brand works in two directions: cosmetic care and decorative products.

  • The care cosmetics are suitable for all ages and all skin types. The main ingredient is the extract of“adiaba claw”.

Devil’s Claw, also known as harpagophytum, martinia fragrantia, devil’s claw or devil’s claw, is a plant native to South and South West Africa. Because of its large hook-shaped fruit, it got its original name ‘devil’s claw’.

Devil’s Claw root extract is a hypoallergenic ingredient found in all the brand’s products. It provides soothing, antibacterial, cleansing and antimicrobial effects. Seriously boosts local immunity and skin defense functions. Works as an antioxidant.

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