DR.FOR HAIR is a professional trichological brand from South Korea. For 25 years Dr.For Hair has been producing highly effective products to solve scalp problems (hair loss, dandruff, seborrhoea) and improve its health.

Pharmaceutical ingredients in the products provide a truly therapeutic effect. The product formulas are enriched with a large number of active ingredients that help to eliminate hair and scalp problems.

Dr. ForHair product line:

Shampoos. Scientists have developed products for sensitive scalp, against hair loss and to restore curls. They effectively cleanse and at the same time preserve the natural hydrobalance of the scalp. Hair becomes soft and silky.

Conditioners. Low-molecular composition penetrates as deeply as possible, reduces porosity and electrostatic effect, enhances natural shine and protects from external factors.

Toners. Help control oiliness, regulate sebum production, refresh and deodorise, leaving you feeling clean all day long.

Lotions. Help prevent scalp irritation, reduce sensitivity. Designed for dry skin.

Scrubs and peels. Effectively revitalise the skin and exfoliate.

Masks. Enhance regenerative properties, prevent ageing, have a soothing therapeutic effect.

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