Brand history:

Veraclara took off in the cosmetics market as a fresh wind of change. Originating in the heart of the cosmetics industry in South Korea, it was the epitome of ambitious ideas and bold solutions. Starting its journey by recognising the problem of excessive packaging in cosmetic products, the brand set itself the task of not just creating cosmetics, but rethinking the very process of presenting them on the market.

Veraclara’s mission

Veraclara’s mission is to revolutionise the cosmetics industry by offering consumers innovative solutions based on the principles of economy, eco-consciousness and quality. The brand strives not only to make beauty affordable, but also to give people the confidence to choose products that are not only effective, but also guarantee safety and care for the planet.

Interesting facts

  • Veraclara’s approach to cosmetics packaging has been a breakthrough in the industry. Their Spout Pouch concept has won the hearts of consumers with its convenience, eco-friendliness and innovative design.
  • Veraclara not only offers products but also implements a lifestyle. Their cosmetics have become an integral part of a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to self-care.
  • Every detail of the packaging and the formula of the cosmetics is designed to meet the current trends and needs of their customers. The company actively invests in research and development, striving to continuously improve their products.


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