**Brand History:**

Floland Company is a South Korean manufacturer of professional hair care products. The brand’s main focus is on products for hair restoration, strengthening, and nourishment.

All Floland products are created based on meticulous laboratory research and are distinguished by their high effectiveness. The range of products containing keratin, including shampoos, masks, and serums, is particularly popular. They are comparable to professional salon products, helping to restore hair structure and nourish it with essential nutrients.

By using advanced technologies and proven formulas, the Korean brand Floland creates truly unique and effective cosmetics for healthy and beautiful hair.

**Brand Mission:**

The mission of Floland is to provide high-quality professional hair care products that help people improve the condition of their hair and achieve desired results. The brand aims to ensure that each product is effective and safe to use, considering the individual needs and desires of customers.

**Interesting Facts:**

1. *Keratin Line:* One of Floland’s most popular products is their keratin line, including shampoos, masks, and serums. These products are widely recognized for their ability to restore hair structure and give it a healthy appearance.

2. *Scientific Approach:* Floland bases its products on meticulous laboratory research and proven formulas. This allows the brand to create cosmetics that are truly effective and meet the highest quality standards.

3. *Global Recognition:* Thanks to its quality and innovative approaches, Floland’s products have gained recognition not only in the domestic market of South Korea but also beyond its borders. The brand has become a popular choice for professionals and ordinary consumers in many countries around the world.

4. *Unique Formulas:* The company continuously works on improving its formulas and ingredients to offer unique products that meet modern needs in hair care.

Floland continues to evolve and offer innovative solutions for hair care, adhering to its core principles of quality, safety, and effectiveness.

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