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Brand Story:

JS Derma is a cosmetic brand born in the heart of innovative research in South Korea. Its history traces back to the roots of unique technologies and cosmetic solutions. The founders of the brand, devoted to the ideal of creating cosmetics that not only transform but also care for the skin, began their journey by combining scientific knowledge and natural gifts.

Brand Mission:

JS Derma’s mission is to elevate beauty standards by offering customers not just products, but an entire skincare ritual inspired by nature and backed by science. The brand aims to create effective and safe products that not only deliver short-term results but also promote skin health in the long run. JS Derma believes that every drop of their product should be filled not only with moisturizing properties but also with care that envelops the skin like a gentle blanket.

Interesting Facts:

– The cornerstone of JS Derma’s cosmetic formulas is low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, providing deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. This ingredient, recognized by global experts, has become a symbol of quality and effectiveness for the brand.

– All plant extracts used in JS Derma products are carefully selected for their beneficial properties. These