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**Brand History:**

BRTC – is the result of inspiration and commitment to creating cosmetic products that not only transform, but also care for the world around us. Stemming from a passion for beauty and responsibility towards nature, the brand embarked on its journey into the depths of research and innovation.

**Brand Mission:**

BRTC’s mission aims for harmony between beauty and nature. We strive to preserve the pristine purity of the surrounding world, offering high-quality products that meet the needs of the modern consumer without harming the environment. Our philosophy permeates every aspect of our activities, from ingredient selection to production processes.

**Interesting Facts:**

1. BRTC is a supporter of the vegan lifestyle and takes active steps to minimize its impact on the environment. We use only certified vegan ingredients.

2. Our organic farms, BRTC SMART FARM, are the source of all ingredients for our cosmetics, guaranteeing their purity and quality in accordance with the highest international standards.

3. We are committed to being ecologically sustainable in all aspects of our operations, including production processes. Our printing inks are made from vegetable soy oil, easily recyclable and environmentally friendly.

4. BRTC develops a unique and ecologically clean cosmetic ingredient, including clean lava sea water enriched with beneficial minerals. This allows us to create products that are not only effective but also safe for the environment and our customers.