Brand Story:

Skin1004 is not just a beauty brand, but an entire story that weaves together passion for nature, innovation and skincare. Founded in 2012, the brand initially set out with the ambitious goal of bringing something new to the beauty world that is connected to nature. Their journey began in one of the most exotic places on Earth – Madagascar.

Brand Mission:

Skin1004’s mission is to restore skin to its natural beauty and health by utilising the gifts of nature that Madagascar is so rich in. The brand’s slogan “The untouched nature of Madagascar” is not just words, it is a philosophy that permeates every product of the brand. They strive to create products that turn skin into a real “angel” – soft, flawless, glowing with health.

Interesting facts:

The main ingredient of Skin1004 products is Centella asiatica, harvested in Madagascar. This plant ingredient has unique properties that help to revitalise, moisturise and rejuvenate the skin.

Raw materials for the brand’s products are harvested only in certified areas of Madagascar, where clean environmental conditions and experienced pickers guarantee high quality products.

Brand representatives note that the concentration of active ingredients, such as asiaticosides, in centella harvested in Madagascar is 7 times higher than in plants grown in other countries. This emphasises the uniqueness and effectiveness of Skin1004 products.

Skin1004 is not just a cosmetics brand, it is a story of love for nature, care for the beauty and health of the skin. A brand that carries a part of the spirit of Madagascar embodied in every bottle, every tube and every bottle.

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