Brand history:

Sioris is a young and bold Korean cosmetics brand inspired by the Pure Beauty philosophy. Born at a time when the cosmetics world is increasingly concerned with naturalness and sustainability, Sioris decided to go beyond the usual standards and offer something truly special.

The brand’s mission:

Sioris’ mission is to educate a new generation of consumers to recognize the importance of quality and natural ingredients in cosmetics, both for themselves and for the environment. They strive to make beauty not just outward, but inward – by consciously choosing products that are not only effective, but ethical.

Interesting facts:

  1. Natural ingredients: Sioris prides itself on using only organic and natural ingredients harvested from organic farms in South Korea. This includes unique ingredients such as green plum, Yuzu hydrolate, nourishing Centella asiatica extracts and healing seed oils.
  2. Socialresponsibility: the brand focuses on social responsibility and sustainable production by using local resources to collect raw materials and recycle packaging.
  3. State-of-the-art technology: Sioris applies advanced technologies in production, including airless pumps to preserve the freshness of products, ensuring maximum efficacy and longevity of cosmetics.
  4. Safe and Ethical: Sioris products contain no harmful ingredients such as parabens and petrochemicals, and are not tested on animals, underscoring their commitment to safety and ethics.
  5. Sioris is more than just a cosmetics brand, it’s a philosophy that encourages everyone to take care of themselves and the environment, starting with choosing the right products to take care of themselves.

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