History of the brand

SALTRAIN – a young and bold brand that first appeared on the beauty and grooming scene in 2020. Conceived in the heart of South Korea, this brand was created out of a passion for nature and a desire to create products that combine the power of wild nature with innovative technologies.

Brand mission:

SALTRAIN’s mission is simple and uplifting: to create natural products that not only transform skin and teeth, but also keep it healthy. The brand aims to make every person who uses its products feel closer to nature, thanks to the unique power of grey salt, extracted from South Korean springs.

Interesting facts:

1. Grey salt, the main component of SALTRAIN products, is not only a rare premium-class raw material, but also rich in sea and clay minerals, making it an ideal solution for skin and teeth care.

2. The name SALTRAIN comes from the combination of the words “salt” and “rain”, symbolising the process of extracting the main component of the products – grey salt, as well as the natural power brought by rain, highlighting the brand’s connection to nature and its richness.

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