Frequently asked questions

Are the prices in the stores the same as on the website?

Discounts are valid online only. In physical stores, the discount is applied when scanning the discount card, and if you bring a container for recycling, +3% is added, or 5% if you don’t have a discount card.

Can I pay for the order with a gift certificate?

Definitely! The online order can be paid with the gift certificate, indicate its amount in the comment when completing the order and the operator will definitely recalculate.

(You can pay the price difference upon receiving the order)

How can I apply the discount card to the online order?

You can use the discount card in our physical stores. Online you have all the products already with a 14%.

If I place my order today when will I receive it / How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery in Chisinau is made within 24 – 36 hours and is free. Outside the city for 2-3 working days, from 450 lei is free, up to 450 lei is 75 lei.

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed and shipped on Monday. The operator will definitely contact you!

See the delivery conditions here

How can I use Beautycoins?

Beautycoin is our internal currency, with which you can purchase exclusive care products from the category on the “BEAUTYCOIN” website. Receive our money for every purchase of 550 MDL in our online stores. The bigger the purchase, the more money you get! We guarantee that these products will surprise you!

Here you can find the related details regarding the use of Beautycoins.

Is the box promotion still valid?

You can return 4 boxes in exchange for the MoonGlow agenda in any physical store, or online for delivery in Chisinau

Delivery and return

We deliver on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, except for Transnistria.

Free delivery within Chisinau city limits is available for orders over 199 lei. Delivery within Chisinau city limits for orders up to 199 lei costs 50lei

Delivery on the territory of the Republic of Moldova outside Chisinau: 75 lei – for orders up to 450 lei; free – for orders from 450 lei.

Delivery time in Chisinau is 24 – 36 hours on working days. *Orders placed before 10:00 am will be delivered the same day. Orders placed after 10:00 am (in exceptional cases, possibly on the same day) will be delivered the next day.

Urgent delivery In cases when you need urgent delivery within 2-3 hours within Chisinau city, select the option Fast Delivery at checkout, an additional payment of 100 lei will be added to the order amount.

The delivery time in the Republic of Moldova is 2-3 working days. If the order is placed on the weekend, public holiday, or after 10:00, the order is processed on the next working day after placing it.

Important: During high volume periods such as Black Friday, Christmas or seasonal sales, delivery times may be longer.

The order on the territory of the Republic of Moldova can also be sent by parcel by our partner Posta Moldovei.

International delivery options:

Express delivery, minibus or acquaintances/relatives in Moldova. We will contact you additionally to clarify the delivery method and confirm the readiness of the order.

Attention! In some cases, the customs authorities of the country of your residence can apply the customs clearance procedure. We can’t influence this and are not responsible for any fees that may be imposed by the host country. In case of refusal to receive the parcel with your order, it will be returned at your expense.

In Romania, absolutely all parcels are cleared from customs, starting from 0 euros. In other EU countries, it is paid for each order from 45 euros. The need and cost of customs clearance are discussed with the operator.

The order can also be sent by parcel by the Post of Moldova.

MoonDrive (Only for Moldova): 068 879 231 We value your time and created the MoonDrive option so that your favorite products are just a step away!

You only need to call us to order the necessary products , and we will bring your beloved benches directly to your car!

You can benefit from free MoonDrive delivery, Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 21:00, on Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 by approaching Bd. Moskova 1/1. Contact number MoonDrive: 068 879 231.

Bcoin products are not available for delivery by the MoonDrive method


According to Decree No. 1465 of 08.12.2003, MO248-253 / 19.12.2003, No. 1530, Appendix 2, clause 4 (modified by PP1188 of 02.11.2007, MO175 / 09.11.2007), perfumery and cosmetic products are not subject to exchange and return.

Payment methods

  • Payment on the site – BPAY, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Card (including LiberCard and gama cards);
  • Delivery to any store – Cash or card payment at pick up;
  • To the courier upon receipt – Orders with delivery on the territory of the Republic of Moldova can be paid by card online or in cash on receipt.

Important! When placing your order online, be sure to specify the form of payment!


Beautycoin is MoonGlow’s internal currency, created to give loyal customers the opportunity to purchase unique and original products.

Beautycoins are electronic coins that are credited in your personal account when you place an order online

For purchases of certain amounts, our customers receive a corresponding number of beautycoins:

550 lei – 20 beautycoins
950 lei – 40 beautycoins
1500 lei – 60 beautycoins
1900 lei – 80 beautycoins
2500 lei – 100 beautycoins
2950 lei – 120 beautycoins
3500 lei – 140 beautycoins

Also, our buyers can accumulate beautycoins, based on reviews* written on the site, on previously purchased products online*.

For each review placed on the site, it is offered: 10 beautycoins.

All products and services, which can be purchased with beautycoins, are presented in the “Beautycoin” category in the “Menu” and can only be purchased online.

Attract attention! stock of each product is limited!

When you have made sure that you have collected enough beautycoins to purchase a specific product from the “Beautycoin” category, add it to your cart** and place an online order, which also includes products that can be purchased with real money.

Electronic beautycoins are settled from the customer’s personal cabinet.***

*For more information, access the “Reviews” category, from “Terms and conditions”.
**You need to log in to your account, to be able to add products from the Beautycoin category to the cart.
***Beautycoins cannot be exchanged for real money or other products, except those in the “Beautycoin” category. Physical Beautycoins are only valid with the attached check.
**** Check your accumulated points here –
*****Be careful to leave the product review in the language in which you placed the order, otherwise Beautycoins will not be calculated automatically.

A referral link – is a unique link, the clicks of which allow you to receive rewards for eligible orders placed on the Moonglow website.

The reward received will be a one-time cashback of 2% of the order amount, for the one who accessed the link (% converted to Bcoin). And you will receive a cashback of 4% of the order amount (% converted to Bcoin) — for each unique user who made a purchase through your link.

How to use Bcoin rewards?

  1. Possibility to convert 2bc / 1MDL
  2. Possibility to convert 1000bc/a gift certificate worth 700MDL
  3. Possibility to buy unique items from the Bcoin category on the Moonglow website.

Accumulated bcoins do not expire.

Moonglow reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of promotions, discounts and rewards

Gift certificates

When buying a gift certificate, you can’t get a discount that is currently valid in the company (discount cards, seasonal discounts, special offers).

The certificate must be used in full, in one purchase.

Gift certificates do not have an expiration date.

The certificate is valid only with the receipt attached.

If the value of the chosen goods exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is possible to top up in cash or online payment.

If the value of the chosen commodity is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference does not include the return of the remainder remaining on it.

Return of gift certificates is not accepted.

Birthday promocodes

A birthday promocode is automatically generated and sent to your email address only if all 3 rules are met:

  • You have a personal profile on the MoonGlow website;
  • You have correctly filled in and saved your date of birth and email address in the Personal Information section of your profile;
  • You have completed and saved your date of birth and email address at least 10 days in advance of your birthday.

In case of non-compliance with at least one of the rules, the promotional code is not generated and is not sent to the email address. Please check that you have received the email in all categories of your e-mail, including Spam.

The birthday promo code gives you a -20% discount on a one-time online purchase or a one-time offline purchase.

The promo code is sent to the email address specified in the profile, it is valid only 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the email.

For online shopping, write or copy the promo code from the email and paste it into the “Promo Code” box in your shopping cart before proceeding with the payment. The promo code must be entered in full (from the first letter to the last digit).

For offline purchases, show the email received by the consultants and wait while they verify the validity of the promo code.

Your personal information complies with the rules specified on the “Privacy and cookies page.”


Discounts are valid online only. Discounts over 14% apply to the original price of items, online only.

Discounts are not cumulative!

Consumer protection

State Inspectorate for non-Food Products Surveillance and Consumer Protection

Adress: mun. Chișinău, str. Vasile Alecsandri 78
Tel.: (+373) 22 501 981