Brand History:

The WellDerma brand is a proud product of Pamtek Cosmetic Co., Ltd. a Korean cosmetics company born out of a passion for nature and the pursuit of beauty and healthy skin. The established fundamental operating principles became the basis for the establishment and development of the brand in the cosmetics market.

Brand mission:

WellDerma’s mission is to harness the richness of nature, expressed through its energy and natural extracts, to create products that contribute to the beauty and health of the skin. The company strives to harmoniously combine cutting-edge science with natural ingredients to provide its customers with effective and safe skin care products.

Interesting Facts:

1. WellDerma actively implements innovative technologies in the research and development of cosmetic products to ensure a high level of product efficacy.

2. The company focuses on improving product quality by selecting only the best ingredients and strictly eliminating harmful substances such as parabens, ethanol and mineral oils from its formulas.

3. One of WellDerma’s key principles is to minimise the use of packaging materials to focus on improving products and reducing environmental impact.

4. The brand prides itself on the fact that each of its products undergoes strict quality and authenticity control, which is confirmed on the company’s official website, where the entire product range is available.

5. Pamtek Cosmetic Co., Ltd. maintains an active feedback loop with its customers, regularly conducting laboratory research to develop new WellDerma products that meet users’ requirements and needs and making them available at an affordable price.


WellDerma Face Lifting Roller Silver Dark Silver

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