The philosophy and values of the brand are based on care for nature, humane attitude to the planet and animals. The minimalistic packaging, naturalness, not overblown line of products tell us about it. And, of course, no animal testing! If you use Dear, Klairs in your grooming, you can safely say that you are part of an ecological lifestyle
The aim of their products is to make skin beautiful and skin care easy and pleasant.

There are no unnecessary fragrances, alcohol, parabens and other unpleasant ingredients in their formulations. Only the purity of nature for our velvety skin.

The brand pays special attention to problematic and sensitive skin. Soothe, moisturise, nourish, saturate with vitamins and make sure that nothing itches, reddens or causes discomfort – this is their business.

Dear, Klairs can be purchased on the Moonglow website.

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