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History of iUNIK brand

The iUNIK cosmetics brand was registered in 2012. Despite its relatively young age, the company immediately stood out with its unique philosophy and approach to the production of cosmetic products. In a short period of time, iUNIK has gained popularity due to its commitment to natural ingredients and effective results of use.

iUNIK brand mission

The main mission of iUNIK brand is to provide consumers with quality cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. The slogan “skin is the first to recognise natural ingredients” is the basis of the company’s philosophy, embodying the principles of safety and efficacy. Each iUNIK product is developed with the skin’s needs in mind and the desire to improve it.

Interesting facts

The name of the iUNIK brand hides not only the abbreviation, but also particles of the company’s general philosophy. Each letter is a reflection of the principles and values on which the brand’s activity is based. It is also worth noting that all iUNIK products are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians, which makes them more attractive to a wide audience. In addition, the absence of parabens, artificial colours and additives in the compositions makes iUNIK cosmetics absolutely hypoallergenic and safe for daily use.