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The Blithe brand was created especially for those whose skin suffers from megacity living, dust, smog, air emissions and stress.

The Blithe brand began its history in 2012, and since then has gained a large number of fans around the world. Blithe didn’t try to grab attention with stunning packaging and an active advertising campaign – it just did its part and produced quality cosmetics that could help people.

Blithe specialists are involved in cutting-edge developments, studying new ingredients and testing various formulas. But they don’t forget traditional beauty recipes either. In the composition of Blithe brand products you won’t find parabens, silicones and other harmful ingredients that can harm your skin.

The core of the Blithe brand consists of three products: splash masks that address different problems and are designed for different skin types, pressed serums and various essences.

Blithe cosmetics can be purchased in Moldova on the Moonglow website!