Brand History: AHC has been introduced over 20 years, through the touch of an esthetician at an esthetic clinic in Korea. As meticulous, as the touch of a professional esthetician, with highly concentrated formula and customized care, to make your natural beauty shine even more.

Brand Mission: From aesthetic care for the few, to skin care for everyone.

Intense formula and customized care, to help women find the balance of beauty in an unbalanced world.  Experience an immediate and amazing skin change with aesthetic know-how in one bottle.

Awards: No.1 Aesthetic Skin Care Brand* AHC; No.1 Eye Cream** Real Eye Cream for Face.

* 2022 Korea Customer Satisfaction Index 1st place -Cosmetics (Esthetic Skin Care) Category / Recipient KCAI

** Based on Kantar World (15-65 women, 9700 people)/ Data calculation standard: June 20, 2016-June 20, 2021

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