Brand history:

The Laneige brand, which perfectly combines French quality and advanced Korean technology, dates back to 1994 when it was founded. Part of Amore Pacific, a major Korean concern, Laneige has rapidly gained popularity worldwide.

Brand mission:

Laneige’s mission extends far beyond skincare. The brand is committed to making every woman feel beautiful in her skin, keeping it healthy and youthful with innovative products based on unique formulas and active ingredients.

Interesting Facts:

  • The name “Laneige” translates to “snow,” which is directly related to the desired porcelain skin effect favored by Korean beauties.
  • An important ingredient in Laneige products is the melted snow water from the Himalayan peaks, which is rich in minerals and known to be beneficial for the skin.
  • The Night Lip Mask has become one of Laneige’s most popular products due to its intensely nourishing formula, pleasant fragrance and effective result in moisturizing and softening the lip skin.

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