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Brand Story:

Among the many cosmetic brands in South Korea, one in particular stands out – I’m Sorry For My Skin. This brand has become not only a player in the cosmetics market, but also a phenomenon, winning the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Brand Mission:

I’m Sorry For My Skin’s mission is not just to create beauty products, but to create true beauty rituals. They strive to make skincare not just a chore, but a source of pleasure and joy. Each product of the brand contains not only active ingredients, but also care, understanding of the skin’s needs and a desire to give it real care.

Interesting facts:

  • Innovative formulas: I’m Sorry For My Skin is famous for its innovative formulas enriched with active ingredients that can transform the skin in a short period of time. Each mask or cream is formulated with the most advanced cosmetic technology.
  • Unique design: One of the key factors attracting attention to the brand’s products is their unique design. Bright packaging, unusual shapes and playful colours make I’m Sorry For My Skin products a real object of desire.