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Kerasys (Kerasys) was founded in 2002. The brand was founded by Aekyung, the oldest cosmetics company in South Korea. The Kerasys brand was created as a therapeutic cosmetic for daily home care of different hair types. The cosmetics quickly gained popularity all over the world due to their therapeutic properties and superior technology.

The mission of the Kerasys brand is to provide high-quality and effective hair care comparable to professional hair care.

The composition of Kerasys cosmetics consists only of natural ingredients and is produced in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. Cosmetic products are based on herbs, healing essential oils and exotic flowers, they help to preserve and increase beauty: refresh the scalp, make hair smooth and shiny. Thanks to an ideal combination of innovative technologies and natural extracts, Kerasys effectively restores damaged and weakened hair, bringing back its strength, health and beauty.