**Brand History of Neogen Dermatology**

The Neogen Dermatology brand was founded in 2008 as part of South Korea’s largest conglomerate, Outin Futures. Its creation was initiated by a beauty innovator who transitioned from the field of plastic surgery to cosmetology, bringing a fresh perspective and high technology to the beauty industry.

**Neogen Dermatology Brand Mission**

Neogen Dermatology’s goal is to combine cutting-edge science with the power and energy of nature, creating premium natural cosmetics. The brand is committed to the safety and efficacy of its products, ensuring they are hypoallergenic and functional.

**Interesting facts about the Neogen Dermatology brand**

1. Neogen Dermatology is known for its patented technologies that maximize the potential of natural resources to create high quality cosmetics.
2- The brand actively researches and develops new methods of cultivating organic raw materials and creates natural preservatives, which emphasizes its commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.
3. The Green-Detoxing technology used in Neogen products aims to eliminate toxins from the body, ensuring healthy and clear skin.
4. The brand not only focuses on skin care, but also actively researches the properties of skin cells and their metabolic processes to create products that promote skin repair and improve natural defense mechanisms.


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