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Brand History

K-SECRET is a young Korean brand founded in 2019. Inspired by the desire to encourage people to enjoy the moment and take care of themselves every day, the founder of the brand created it with the motto “Shine today.” The brand strives to provide its customers with simple yet effective cosmetic solutions for quick and efficient skincare.

Brand Mission

The mission of K-SECRET is to support and inspire people to take care of their skin without postponing it. The brand encourages its customers to live in the present moment and enjoy each day, offering them simple and accessible skincare products designed to deliver results and improve their well-being.

Interesting Facts

– K-SECRET patches have become a real hit due to their functional composition and large size, allowing them to be used not only for the under-eye area but also for other areas of the face and neck.
– The range of patches includes various options, including patches with retinol to combat aging, with caffeine for toning, and with vitamin C for brightening pigmentation.
– The K-SECRET Calamine 30 Days Secret Toner has become a bestseller due to its ability to effectively address the issues of oily and combination skin. Enriched with calamine powder, it regulates the function of sebaceous glands, reduces sebum production, and promotes the healing of inflammations.