Brand History:

So’Natural is a Korean brand founded in 2007. Its founders are a group of professional beauticians and dermatologists who set out to create cosmetics based solely on natural ingredients. Since its foundation, So’Natural has been committed to creating products that effectively care for the skin without harming it and inspire people to believe in the power of natural ingredients.

So’Natural’s brand mission:

So’Natural’s brand mission is to help everyone achieve natural beauty and healthy skin through natural ingredients. They strive to bring the message to consumers that beauty and skin care can be achieved without harmful chemicals, using only natural resources. The brand is committed to developing and producing the highest quality cosmetics available to anyone who values their skin and the environment.

Interesting facts:

  1. The brand name So’Natural and its slogan “Awaken the natural power of your skin” fully reflect the brand’s philosophy, which focuses on the use of natural ingredients.
  2. Collaboration with Dr Sven Gohla, Vice President of the Swiss innovation laboratory Sven Gohla Lab, gives the brand additional credibility and confirms its commitment to innovation in cosmetology.
  3. So’Natural brand does not resort to viral marketing and does not actively advertise its products, preferring to rely on the quality of its products and feedback from satisfied customers.
  4. All So’Natural product formulas are developed and tested in So’Natural’s own laboratory in South Korea, where clinical trials are conducted to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the products.
  5. So’Natural products are designed for all ages and skin types, making them accessible and appealing to a wide range of consumers.

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