Brand History:

In the thick of the South Korean cosmetics industry, where every brand strives to stand out among its competitors, Nature Republic was born in 2009. It was born out of a great passion for nature and a desire to offer consumers something new and unique.

Nature Republic embodied the ideal of harmony with nature. Its founders decided to apply their knowledge and experience in the field of cosmetology to create products that are not only effective, but also safe for the skin and the environment.

Brand Mission:

Nature Republic’s mission is simple and lofty: nature has created everything necessary for human beauty, and the brand strives to make it available to everyone. It promotes the idea that beauty should not be the victim of chemical formulations and animal experimentation, but should arise in harmony with nature.


Interesting Facts:

– One of the key elements of Nature Republic’s success is the use of MD Water – the Miracle of medical water. These are specially selected water sources from around the world, from Polynesian lagoons to mountain springs in the Alps. These waters have unique properties that enhance the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

– Nature Republic products meet international quality standards (Global Standard), which confirms the high level of production and use of ingredients.

– The design of Nature Republic packages is characterized by simplicity and elegance, reflecting the concept of the brand. All of them are decorated with green shades and elements reminiscent of nature, which emphasizes the naturalness and ecological orientation of the products.

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