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Brand history:

The brand began its journey with the development of a unique MGEm technology under the guidance of Dr. Pak Byung Deog in the Central Industrial Research Center. This journey started from the need to solve skin problems, including atopic dermatitis that the doctor’s son faced. After many years of research, new ceramides were developed, playing a key role in improving the condition of many people’s skin.

Brand mission:

The brand’s mission is to create products specifically designed to moisturize, soothe and soften sensitive and damaged skin. Their unique emulsified formulas, containing plant-derived ingredients, restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier system, providing maximum hydration and protection.

Interesting facts:

– Ceramides developed by Dr. Pak Byung Deog make up to 55% of the outer layer of human skin, making them a key component in improving skin condition.

– Dr. Pak Byung Deog’s research and publications in prestigious scientific journals have not only strengthened the brand’s position in the market, but also helped to secure patents in South Korea and the United States.

– Dr. Pak Byung Deog’s love and care for his son and other children with skin problems has been the inspiration for creating products that help millions of people around the world.