Brand history:

The Medi-Peel brand was born in the heart of South Korea, drawing inspiration from the country’s rich cultural and cosmetic tradition. Its history began in the years when the cosmetics industry was just beginning to flourish, but even then the brand was characterised by its high-tech developments and commitment to excellence.

The creators of Medi-Peel have combined their talent and passion for beauty to offer customers something unique – products based on advanced scientific research and time-tested formulations.

Brand mission:

Medi-Peel’s mission is to help people achieve healthy, beautiful skin through innovative and effective products. The brand aims not only to improve the appearance of the skin, but also to support long-term skin health and well-being.

The core principles behind Medi-Peel’s mission include quality, safety, efficacy and environmental friendliness. The brand strives to be a leader in the beauty industry, providing customers with only the best skin care products.

Interesting facts:

Scientific approach: Medi-Peel actively collaborates with leading experts in dermatology and cosmetology to create its products. Their scientific approach allows the brand to continuously evolve and offer innovative skincare solutions.

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