MoonGlow – Out of love for a woman, the most beautiful thing in the world was born. And out of passion, the most grandiose projects are born. We want you to feel confident, attractive and in harmony with yourself.

This is the mission of MoonGlow, the one that makes us constantly come up with premium products that make you smile every day.

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Journalist, TV presenter

Daniela Ciocanu

“MoonGlow were, are and will be the first, they do not make sales, but they are interested in beauty and the complexion of those who step on their threshold. They know their job and be sure to get a well-laid care routine! They always look for the best products, choose them with great care and inform us about everything related to K-Beauty.”

Entrepreneur, personal Trainer

Zoya Svet

“MoonGlow from the first moment instills confidence in the team and products quality, service and the ability to choose what is right for you. Starting from the cost, ending with the shade of the box. MoonGlow is one of the manifestations of self-love, care for the body.”

Customer Review, Facebook

Genika Triboi

“Since I discovered Moonglow, other skin and hair care products I don’t even use anymore! Consultants in stores are very responsive, kind and always in a good mood! At Moonglow very often there are discounts and promotions! Thank you for your contribution to our beauty and youth!”

Customer Reviews, Google MyBusiness

Maria Crețu

“It is a responsible, correct company that guarantees the quality of the products sold. Delivery is very fast and every time it amazes you with pleasant surprises besides the order you make.”