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La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml
La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml
La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml
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La'dor Professional Salon Care LD Programs 01 200 ml
Brand: LaDor
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Product description

Lador Professional Salon Care LD programs 01 allows you to restore damaged, weakened and over-dried hair at home. As a result of the application, the hair gains a healthy, well-groomed appearance, is shiny again. The product is suitable for restoring damaged, dry hair. In case of severe hair damage and to achieve a more pronounced result, it is recommended to use Lador LD Programs / Pre Hair Restoration Spray before using the mask.


  Main active ingredients:

 - Betaine helps to strengthen and restore keratin split strands, making hair smoother and more elastic.

 - Argan oil effectively nourishes and moisturizes, helps maintain the smoothness and shape of the hairstyle even in high humidity, helps restore the structure of the hair, strengthens it, restores shine, protects against ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes the scalp, stimulates its regeneration, accelerates hair growth, strengthens the follicles.

 - Jojoba oil heals dry and damaged hair, stimulates hair growth. Coating the hair with the thinnest layer, the oil nourishes, smoothes and protects against the negative effects of external factors.

 - Macadamia nut oil has a beneficial effect on dull, weak, dry and damaged hair, giving it shine, smoothness, softness and vitality.

 - Centella asiatica extract improves blood microcirculation and is therefore successfully used in anti-hair loss products.

 - Calamus extract is known for its ability to strengthen hair roots and increase hair density.

 - Collagen hydrolysate fills damaged areas of the hair structure, tightens and smoothes it.

 - Keratin hydrolysate - keratin's unique properties allow it to penetrate the hair and completely fill in damaged areas of its structure. As a result, the hair is restored, hair becomes smooth and shiny.



- Deep hydration

- restoration and protection

- elasticity

- shine

- strengthening


How to use:

Wash your hair with shampoo. Gently towel dry. Apply the mask to the entire length of your hair. Put on a cap (or wrap your hair in a towel) and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water. If you are going to blow-dry your hair immediately after the procedure, then blow-dry with cold air only.

200 ml
Water, EDTA disodium salt, propylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-45M, citric acid, betaine, cetearyl alcohol, SE glyceryl stearate, steatrimonium chloride, dimethiconol, hydrolyzed collagen, polyglutamic acid, methyl paraben, propylene bisenebenobenol ceramide NP, barbadensis leaf juice, Argania Spinoza kernel oil, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, mineral oil, CI 15985, flavor.
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Reviews (2)
Cristina Thina
1 week ago
Мои волосы очень довольны данным продуктом! Маска подойдёт и для восстановления пересушенных волос и как быстрая помощь для одноразового увлажнения, и просто для профилактики для ломких и тонких волос. За такую цену отличное качество.
1 week ago
Am incercat acest produs datorita Advent calendarului. Am ramas suprinsa de efectul care s-a vazut din prima utilizate. Parul a devenit mai hidratat, mai elastic si stralucitor. Nu am ezitat sa comand acest produs in volumul maximal disponibil pe sait. Recomand!