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ID.AZ Face Fit T Fit-Ler Ampoule 15ml ID.AZ Face Fit T Fit-Ler Ampoule 15ml
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ID.AZ Face Fit T Fit-Ler Ampoule 15ml
Brand: ID.AZ
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Product description

ID.AZ Face Fit T Fit-Ler Ampoule - Functional ampoule for volume replenishment of the skin, which gives elasticity to mature skin, specially designed and proven to be effective for small wrinkles in the T-zone (brow lines, nasolabial lines) and on the forehead, but can be used wherever the skin has lost its volume. Contains PDRN (DNA), which is very effective for dry and mature skin, increasing skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid protects the skin from external irritation by forming a moisturizing barrier to prevent evaporation of moisture from the skin. The root extract of Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena asphodeloides) (Asian plant) contains a large amount of saponins, which helps to increase elasticity, hydration and deep nutrition. Clinical trials have been performed demonstrating the effectiveness of the serum to improve firmness, elasticity after 2 weeks and deeper results after four weeks. It also ensures the supply of nutrients to any skin type, brightness and vitality. It has a light texture, is quickly absorbed. Suitable for all mature skin types.


- Provides a lifting effect for sagging skin
- Anti-wrinkle
- Helps remove dead skin cells and regenerate new cells
- Keeps skin hydrated and smooth


Way of ussage:
- Shake the product down for an easier flow
- Turn counterclockwise to open the lid
- Tighten the white rubber upper and apply to the T-zone area or where necessary
- It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week

15 ml
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