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Birthday promocodes

A birthday promocode is automatically generated and sent to your email address only if all 3 rules are met:

1. You have a personal profile on the MoonGlow website;

2. You have correctly filled in and saved your date of birth and email address in the Personal Information section of your profile;

3. You have completed and saved your date of birth and email address at least 10 days in advance of your birthday.


In case of non-compliance with at least one of the rules, the promotional code is not generated and is not sent to the email address.


The birthday promo code gives you a -20% discount on a one-time online purchase or a one-time offline purchase.


The promo code is sent to the email address specified in the profile, it is valid only 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the email.


For online shopping, write or copy the promo code from the email and paste it into the “Promo Code” box in your shopping cart before proceeding with the payment. The promo code must be entered in full (from the first letter to the last digit).

For offline purchases, show the email received by the consultants and wait while they verify the validity of the promo code.


You can get a free skin analysis for purchases made under the birthday promotion for more than 1313 MDL * if you save receipts, for offline purchases, and receipts and / or confirmation of payment, for online purchases, and present them to the consultants at regular shops in Riscani ** or at Zity Mall *** (which have a skin analysis device).

* - respectively, at least 1050 MDL (amount with a -20% discount on the birthday promotion)

** - Bd. Moscova 1/1

*** - Calea Ieșilor street 8, 1st floor.



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