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Village 11 Factory Perfume Hand & Foot Cream Sucre Pomelo 100 ml Village 11 Factory Perfume Hand & Foot Cream Sucre Pomelo 100 ml
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Village 11 Factory Perfume Hand & Foot Cream Sucre Pomelo 100 ml
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Product description

Village 11 Factory Perfume Hand & Foot Cream for hand and foot skin care. Creams perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, eliminate dryness and flaking, heal and rejuvenate the skin, making it softer, velvety and smooth. Each kerm is enriched with perfumed fragrances, thanks to which the creams leave a fragrant veil on the skin and lift the mood.

The line includes three types of creams with different flavors:

Sucre Pomelo - citrus scent
Top note: orange, tangerine, lemon
Heart note: note: grapefruit, iris
Base note: musk, vetiver

Lumineux Gardénia - floral fragrance
Top note: bergamot, orange, peach
Heart note: lily of the valley, freesia, magnolia
Base note: musk, wood

Fresh Emerald - fresh scent
Top note: orange
Heart note: freesia, jasmine
Base note: musk

All three creams contain the original ingredient in the formula, devil's claw root extract.

Devil's claw, also known as harpagophytum, fragrant martinia, devil's claw, or devil's claw, is a plant native to South and South West Africa. The plant got its original name "devil's claw" from its large hooked fruit.

Devil's claw root extract is a hypoallergenic component that relieves inflammation, removes toxins, has antimicrobial activity, and inhibits the activity of bacteria. Due to this, the local immunity of the skin and its protective functions are very seriously increased. Works as an antioxidant.

Creams also contain:
Shea butter contains vitamins and valuable amino acids. The oil remarkably moisturizes the skin, tones up, protects against harmful UV rays, improves skin color and fights the first signs of aging.
Aloe Vera extract contains enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes. It has a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, healing, tonic effect.
Coconut oil promotes skin regeneration and nourishes the skin with important vitamins. Perfectly restores, tones and refreshes.
Orange oil rejuvenates, improves elasticity, tones, reduces wrinkles;
How to use: apply the cream to clean skin of hands and / or feet. Enjoy the magical scent and massage gently into your skin. Suitable for daily use.

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