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So'Natural pH Red Heal Cream Ampoule 55ml So'Natural pH Red Heal Cream Ampoule 55ml
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So'Natural pH Red Heal Cream Ampoule 55ml

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Product description

So'Natural pH Red Heal Cream Ampoule is a biphasic serum with lactobacillus for sensitive skin, aims to deeply restore and nourish the skin. It intensely hydrates, exfoliates dead skin cells and provides access to oxygen, saturates with vitamins and active ingredients. Helps eliminate imperfections, evens skin tone and fills it with healthy, even radiance. The product strengthens the lipid barrier and controls sebum production. Soothes skin and prevents blemishes. The serum consists of two layers, the bottle should be shaken before use so that the textures blend together. 1 layer - nourishing, creamy. Contains lactobacil enzyme and panthenol to brighten, hydrate, eliminate redness, exfoliate and soothe skin. Second layer - based on berry extracts. Exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes hydration and saturates with vitamins. It has a neutral pH of 5.5 and restores the skin's optimal acid-base balance.



Main active ingredients:

 - Lactobacillus enzymes - brighten, moisturize, eliminate redness, regulate melanin production in the epidermis, gently exfoliate the stratum corneum and accelerate regeneration processes.

 - A complex of berry extracts (blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, ginseng berry, strawberry) - saturates the skin with vitamins, promotes cell regeneration, exfoliates dead cells, fills the skin with natural radiance.

 - Centella asiatica extract - has an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, helps restore the skin's barrier properties and retain moisture, reduces skin sensitivity, inflammation, has a strengthening effect on vessels and reduces rosacea.

 - Tea tree extract - has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, eliminates redness, heals acne, promotes rapid skin healing.

 - Arginine is an amino acid that has a therapeutic and wound-healing effect, eliminates skin blemishes, strengthens turgor and increases skin tone.

 - Hyaluronic acid - is responsible for deeply hydrating the skin and maintaining the skin's natural balance at an optimal level. It forms an intangible protective layer on the skin that prevents moisture evaporation and provides a comfortable feeling of freshness and hydration on the face.




- Deep hydration

- healing and restoring

- soothing and protective

- anti-inflammatory effect

- antibacterial effect

- firmness and elasticity

- brightening and bleaching of spots

- even skin colour

- reduction of pores


How to apply:

1. Shake bottle well before use. Apply a few drops of serum to clean skin after toner. Distribute with a patting motion.

2. Follow the care routine.

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