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Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream 50ml Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream 50ml
Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream 50ml Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream 50ml
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Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream 50ml
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Product description
Papa Recipe Probalance Biome Cream strengthens the broken skin barrier and makes the skin balanced with the lactic acid bacteria complex and balance biome ingredients. ProBalance Biome line contains lactobacillus complex and microbiome ingredients to correct skin balance and maintain healthy and durable skin for a long time. It helps to maintain the skin's natural strength by correcting the balance of broken skin. Cream formulation with no stickiness and excellent adhesion to the skin as soon as it is applied. Softens skin with non-sticky and fresh hydration. Boosts adhesion to upper layers of keratinocytes by using liquid crystal emulsification, which helps form a moisturizing film similar to the skin barrier. Effectively delivers moisturizing & active ingredients to skin by holding active and moisturizing ingredients in a formula and breaking its structure upon application. Protects skin from pollutants and stress, while effectively delivering ingredients for firmer skin. Contains Probiotic Complex and Microbiome to be mild on skin, protect and strengthen its barrier.
Main active ingredients:
Lactobacillus Complex - produces antimicrobial peptides that, when applied to the skin, can act as anti-inflammatory properties of the skin as well as enhance the antimicrobial properties of the skin. Clinical studies have been performed on the effect of lactobacillus extract to improve the skin barrier and reduce erythema from chemical irritants, skin microflora and acne. The results show that lactobacillus extract was effective in reducing skin erythema, rebuilding the skin barrier and reducing skin microflora, thereby effectively reducing the size of acne and erythema lesions.
Bifid enzymatic lysate - allows you to quickly restore the natural beauty of the skin, affects deep processes, naturally preventing aging. Used in LUX cosmetics. The use of bifids is an innovative, global approach in the field of cosmetology and dermatology, such cosmetic products are natural and ecological, while achieving amazing results.
Lysate of the Lactobacillus enzyme - creates an optimal environment for the reproduction of normal microflora on the skin surface. And the normal microflora is both an assistant in regeneration, and protection from aggressive environmental factors, and a barrier to inflammation, an obstacle to premature aging (in addition, peptidoglycans activate microcirculation in the epidermis and promote collagen synthesis). Probiotic support is especially needed after all kinds of stressful effects on the skin (UV, laser, acid peels, etc., which cause a decrease in local immunity).
Lysate of the lactococcal enzyme - positively affects the rate and quality of epidermal growth, which leads to an improvement in the barrier function and overall quality of the skin. Suitable for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin
How to use:
After using the emulsion, apply an appropriate amount to the back of the hand, and apply evenly on the face to gently absorb.
Papa Recipe
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