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Ottie Honey Moisture Eye Cream 30ml Ottie Honey Moisture Eye Cream 30ml
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Ottie Honey Moisture Eye Cream 30ml
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Product description

Nourishing cream will provide gentle care to the skin under the eyes. It smoothes out all wrinkles, removes dark circles, reduces puffiness, perfectly evens tone, brightens pigmentation and returns radiance.

The cream has a delicate texture, is easy to apply and instantly absorbed, leaving a comfortable feeling. Its active substances penetrate into all layers of the dermis and work at the cellular level. Natural ingredients have been selected to create the Honey Moisture Eye Cream:

Honey extract - moisturizes and softens the skin, fills it with useful substances, perfectly smoothes, relieves dryness, gives tenderness and silkiness, has an anti-aging effect.
Aloe extract - eliminates any inflammation, quickly heals all wounds and cracks, eliminates irritations, nourishes cells with moisture and nutrients.
Hyaluronic acid - supports optimal skin hydration, prevents dryness, eliminates wrinkles, perfectly tones and quickly tightens wounds.
Sunflower oil - intensively nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin, makes it more elastic, restores, eliminates all the obvious signs of aging, protects against ultraviolet radiation.
Macadamia oil - saturates cells with moisture and prevents its evaporation, heals wounds, restores, rejuvenates and has an antioxidant effect.
Purslane extract - effectively fights inflammation, smoothes out wrinkles, removes redness, visibly rejuvenates and provides an antioxidant effect.
Ottie cream quickly restores the skin, increases its elasticity, tightens and nourishes with moisture. With constant use, it will become perfectly smooth, delicate and radiant.

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