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SUR.MEDIC+ Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream 69g SUR.MEDIC+ Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream 69g
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SUR.MEDIC+ Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream 69g

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Product description

This ampoule modeling mask is enriched with Ceramide, Honey, and Shea butter, which instantly deliver combined benefits of the moisturizing ampoule serum and soothing moisture cream for your dewy glossy skin!

Suggested Use

1. After cleansing and toning, combine 1)Essence Gel & 2)Ampoule Oil formula in a container so that formula is fully and completely mixed. 2. Starting in the order of the cheeks-chinforehead- nose, apply the fully mixed mask pack formula on your face.
3. After leaving on for about 10~15 mins until the mask pack formula hardens, remove the mask pack and follow with the rest of your skincare moisturizing routine.
*Use about 1~2 times a week.

Moisture Ampoule Serum: Contains Ceramide, avocado oil, baobab extract for skin soothing hydration. - Concentrated Radiance Moisture Cream: Contains Milk Protein, Honey, and Shea Butter ingredients for ultimate nutrition deliver and healthy skin maintenance.
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