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MoonGlow quartz face roller MoonGlow quartz face roller
MoonGlow quartz face roller MoonGlow quartz face roller
MoonGlow quartz face roller MoonGlow quartz face roller
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Brand: MoonGlow
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Product description

What is the magic of a rose quartz roler?

It cools, tones the skin, improves elasticity and blood circulation. It enhances the absorption of previously applied products. Scientifically speaking, quartz rollers help lymphatic drainage by pushing fluid from the tissue under the skin into the lymph nodes. This not only reduces swelling, but promotes blood circulation. 

Does it really work?
If you use the rose quartz roller for a few weeks, you can really see the result. It will help decrease inflammation and fight rosacea. The effect doesn't depend on the amount of cosmetics you use in parallel. If you use this enhancement every morning, you can see that your skin has become fresher and absorbs creams and serums better. In addition, every day you get a mini facial massage, which generally improves the condition of the skin.

How do I use a rose quartz roller?

 It's as simple as removing makeup from your face and takes just two minutes in the morning and/or evening. However, you'll need to learn the technique and the correct anatomy of your face to get the best result. There is a chain of lymph nodes along the chin and contour that needs to be massaged so that all the fluid leaves these areas. There is no need to massage haphazardly or just back and forth without a specific pattern, as all that happens as a result is the redistribution of fluid through the subcutaneous tissue. You should draw long lines with the roller, repeating each movement 3-4 times, as shown in the diagram (see second photo).

The large end of the roller is for massaging the cheeks, neck and forehead, and the small end is for the nose and under-eye area. But before starting the procedure, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. When you finish the massage, rinse the roller well and pat it dry. It can also be disinfected with chlorhexidine and other antibacterial agents that do not contain alcohol.

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