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Mizon Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil 150 g Mizon Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil 150 g
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Mizon Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil 150 g
Brand: Mizon
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Product description

Nourishing hydrophilic oil Mizon Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil perfectly removes not only ordinary makeup, but also sunscreens, all types of BB and CC creams, waterproof professional cosmetics, waterproof eye makeup without leaving a greasy, sticky finish.

The deep cleansing oil dissolves makeup and effectively unclogs pores by pulling sebum and external impurities out of them. Thanks to the balanced formula, it acts both intensively and delicately, without overdrying the skin.

Snail mucin in the composition of the product has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the skin, as it stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which are involved in the formation of collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid, which increases skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, and lightens pigmentation. At the same time, snail mucin actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, minimizes the effects of free radicals, thereby slowing down the aging process.


Features of Mizon Hydrophilic Oil:

- natural composition of EWG Green;

- deeply cleanses the skin from any cosmetics, impurities and sebum;

- cleanses the pores;

- heals the skin;

- relieves inflammation;

- normalizes the hydrolipid balance;

- eliminates irritation and redness;

- normalizes metabolic processes in the cells of the dermis and reduces sebum secretion;

- helps to slow down the aging of the epidermis;

- activates regenerative processes.

High-quality sealed packaging prevents the contents from leaking, even while in water.

Does not contain mineral oils and harsh abrasives, alcohol and parabens, artificial colors and fragrances.


For all skin types, especially combination and oily.


How to use: apply to dry skin of the face, massage, then moisten palms with warm water and re-massage the face. When exposed to water, the oil will turn into an emulsion that perfectly dissolves makeup. Then rinse off the product with water, if desired, use a foam or other cleanser.



1. Gentle Oil-Based Facial Scrub: Mix the peeling scrub and the cleansing oil in a 1: 1 ratio and massage gently onto the face. The oil softens the abrasiveness of the scrub, which allows even people with sensitive skin to gently cleanse the skin from sebum, blackheads, and at the same time nourish it.

2. Oil-based lip scrub: Mix peeling scrub and cleansing oil in a 1: 2 ratio, apply to lips and massage gently. Then remove the remnants of the scrub with a napkin and rinse with warm water.

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