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Maxclinic Pro Hyaluron Sleeping Mask 120ml Maxclinic Pro Hyaluron Sleeping Mask 120ml
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Maxclinic Pro Hyaluron Sleeping Mask 120ml
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Product description

Maxclinic Pro Hyaluron Sleeping Mask is a mild restorative night mask with a firming effect. Unlike a night cream, the mask has a higher concentration of healing substances with a low molecular weight, due to which they get into the deep layers of the skin, improving its condition at the cellular level. While you sleep, the mask works by rejuvenating your skin. Suitable for all skin types. It can also be used during pregnancy and lactation.

The main active ingredients:

11 types of hyaluronic acid - moisturize the skin from the inside with a complex of 11 types of hyaluronic acid, from low molecular weight to high molecular weight.

Triple Biome Complex - Pro, Pre, Postbiotics care for the microbiome, an important ecosystem of microorganisms living on the skin's surface.

Evening primrose oil - rich in Omega 3, 6 and vitamin E, it promotes intensive skin regeneration during sleep.

Combination of 5-CICA and MultiEx BSASM Plus - a complex of fermented natural anti-inflammatory soothing ingredients that helps soothe irritated, inflamed skin and strengthen the skin's protective functions.

Stimulation of renewal. Best of all, the skin is renewed from 11 pm to 5 am, so applying a mask during this period will help the healing substances better affect the cells and more effectively improve the condition of the dermis.

Recovery. The mask actively restores tired skin, relieves tension and stress, energizes cells and enriches them with vitamins.

Intense hydration. The mask instantly moisturizes the skin, eliminates dryness, itching, flaking, roughness and discomfort. Optimization of hydrobalance can significantly improve the condition of the dermis and slow down the aging process.

Wellness effect. The mask creates a harmonious microflora on the skin surface, blocks inflammatory processes, removes toxins, soothes inflamed, irritated skin.

Comfortable texture. The mask has a light semi-gel consistency, therefore it is well applied to the skin, lays down evenly, spreads easily and is absorbed almost instantly. It does not form a sticky layer, does not create grease, does not cause discomfort and does not cause side effects.

Profitability. Light and soft consistency allows you to use a minimum of funds in one procedure, which makes the product very economical.

Mode of application:
Squeeze some mask out of the tube and apply it to your face. Spread evenly and let the product absorb well. Wash yourself with warm water in the morning. The mask is applied in the evening, before going to bed. Store in refrigerator to enhance the soothing effect of irritated skin. The product is suitable for daily use.

120 ml
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