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La'dor Dermatical Scalp Tonic 120 ml La'dor Dermatical Scalp Tonic 120 ml
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La'dor Dermatical Scalp Tonic 120 ml
Brand: LaDor
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Product description

Lador Dermatical Scalp Tonic contains ginseng, licorice iris, cnidium, aloe and green tea extract, prevents hair loss while reducing dandruff. Infused with salicylic acid, menthol, panthenol and 11 types of plant extract it nourishes and protects sensitive scalp. This formula is proven by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a hair loss treatment. Free of harmful chemicals such as silicone and artificial colouring. Suitable for all scalp skin types, including sensitive.



- Soothing and protective

- reduction of dandruff

- stimulates hair growth

- reducing hair loss


How to use:

1. Spray the product at the root of the hair, pre-cleansed with shampoo.

2. Massage the scalp thoroughly for more effective absorption.

3. No rinsing required.

4. Use after every wash.

120 ml
Purified water, Ethanol, Tocopherol, Green tea Extract, Butylene glycol, Ginseng Extract, Cnidium Rhizome Extract, Aloe vera gel, Clycyrrhiza Extract, Calamus Root Extract, Grape Extract, Hinokitiol, Nicotinamide, polyoxyethylene Hydrogenated Caster Oil, peppermint oil.Инстаграм-трансляция
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Reviews (14)
Cristina A
1 week ago
Foarte bun produs!! Intadevar se vad rezultate. Parul arata bogat si apar foarte multe fire noi ❤️
Cristina A
1 week ago
Foarte bun produs!! Într-adevăra ar
Iulia F
1 week ago
Foarte eficient!