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Maxclinic Bodle Bodle Hand Cream Angel Cotton Maxclinic Bodle Bodle Hand Cream Angel Cotton
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Maxclinic Bodle Bodle Hand Cream Angel Cotton

Delivery in Moldova within 2-3 days. Free delivery within Chisinau with an order amount of 250 lei and higher.

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Product description

MaxClinic Bodle Bodle Hand Cream Angel Cotton is a nourishing cotton hand cream. It refreshes, tones and moisturizes the skin, eliminates dryness and peeling, relieves tension and fatigue.

Active ingredients
Niacinamide. This substance has powerful whitening properties. It accelerates the accumulation of melanin in the tissues, which allows you to destroy age spots, reduce the severity of redness, acne and other imperfections.
Royal jelly extract. Royal jelly contains aspartic acid, which stimulates the regeneration process, helping to restore damaged skin. Milk activates the metabolism, stimulates the protective functions of the skin and reduces its susceptibility to adverse external factors.
Milk proteins. Milk proteins normalize the level of moisture, and also protect the skin from free oxygen radicals, preventing cell oxidation and slowing down age-related changes.
Swallow Nest Extract. The cream contains an extract from the nests of salangana swifts, which build their homes from algae, eggs and other marine inhabitants. Therefore, nests have such nutritional value and have beneficial effects on the skin. They activate the regeneration processes, stimulate the immune system and slow down the aging process.
Complex of natural oils. The cream contains shea butter, sunflower and avocado. These oils moisturize, nourish and soften the skin, protect it from negative external factors, even out the structure of the dermis and slow down the aging process.
Mode of application
Squeeze out a little cream and evenly distribute over the previously cleansed skin of the hands. Allow agent to soak completely. Use twice daily or as needed.

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Payment and delivery
Delivery in Moldova
Delivery from 2 to 3 working days. Delivery in Chisinau - 35 lei. When ordering from 250 lei, delivery in Chisinau is free. In Moldova to any point, except Transnistria - 65 lei. When ordering from 650 lei, delivery in Chisinau is free.
International delivery
Delivery options: express delivery, minibus or acquaintances/relatives in Moldova. We will contact you additionally to clarify the delivery method and confirm the readiness of the order. You should pay for the delivery additionally, depending on the order weight.