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JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
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JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
Brand: J'sDerma
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Product description

JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner with glycolic acid gently renews skin cells, exfoliates the stratum corneum and visibly evens skin tone. Helps relieve pigmentation and post acne signs. Cleanses pores, dries out breakouts, prevents comedones. Leaves skin smooth, soft and velvety, helps tighten pores, restores firmness and elasticity, gives an even, healthy glow. The toner instantly replenishes the lack of moisture in the cells, normalises the acid-base balance and prepares the skin for subsequent care procedures. JsDerma Porefine Peel Pore Toner is suitable for all skin types, but is especially recommended for combination, oily and problematic skin. If your skin is not yet familiar with acids, start with 1-2 uses per week and gradually build up to a comfortable frequency. A slight burning sensation is allowed during the first few applications, which will fade as the skin gets used to the acids. If you use it during the day, be sure to include a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


  Main active ingredients:

 - Glycolic acid 1% - accelerates the natural renewal and exfoliation processes of the stratum corneum. Evens out microrelief and skin tone, improves the condition of oily and problem skin, prevents blackheads from forming. Gentle "acidification" of the skin helps normalize the skin's protective functions and prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
 - Cypress water strengthens the skin's protective barrier, relieves irritation and redness, prevents the development of rosacea and reduces the severity of capillaries.

 - Baikal skullcap root extract controls sebaceous gland activity, removes excess sebum and maintains normal hydrolipid balance.

 - Witch hazel extract reduces skin oiliness, soothes, normalises hypersecretion of sebaceous glands and tightens pores.

 - Centella asiatica extract - has a healing and soothing effect. Replenishes and moisturises the skin, eliminates redness, protects against aggressive external factors.

 - Tea tree extract - has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.

 - Purslane extract - improves skin tone, accelerates healing of wounds and cracks, stimulates tissue regeneration and has a detoxifying effect.

 - Panthenol - stimulates restoration of skin integrity, relieves redness and irritation, has wound healing properties.

 - Hyaluronic acid - intensely hydrates and regenerates the skin. Improves skin condition.



- Gentle exfoliation

- even skin colour and relief

- diminishes pores

- regulation of excess sebum

- soothing and healing

- anti-inflammatory effect


How to apply:

1. Apply to dry, clean skin with a cotton pad on massage lines, avoiding the lip and eye area.

2. Follow the care routine.

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Reviews (1)
5 months ago
22 года Кожа комбинированная, чувствительная, склонна к высыпаниям. Отличный тонер для очищения и сужения пор, также ускоряет заживление мелких высыпаний. Я уже полностью использовала всю баночку. Использовала его каждый вечер или через вечер, когда мне хотелось лучше очистить поры и после наносила сыворотку real barrier cicarelief и крем so natural dermaplex. Мне очень нравится состав этого тонера и эффект на коже!