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What is Beautycoin? What is Beautycoin?

Free delivery in Chisinau!

Delivery within 36 hours in Chisinau!

Delivery time: Monday-Friday from 9:30 to 18:00.


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Product description

Beautycoin is MoonGlow's currency designed to offer loyal customers the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise. Beautycoins are physical banknotes offered at the end of purchases in physical Moonglow stores and upon receipt of orders from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Beautycoins is valid only with the voucher attached. Beautycoins is only offered if the discount given to the buyer upon purchase is a maximum of -14% in shops and online. Beautycoins will not be offered for purchases with more than -14% discounts (for example, during Black Friday). The existing nominal is 20 and 40 beautycoins. When shopping for a certain amount, buyers receive beautycoins:

  • 550 lei - 20 beautycoins
  • 950 lei - 40 beautycoins
  • 1500 lei - 60 beautycoins
  • 1900 lei - 80 beautycoins
  • 2500 lei - 100 beautycoins
  • 2950 lei - 120 beautycoins
  • 3500 lei - 140 beautycoins

All goods that can be purchased with beautycoins are presented in the menu in the Beautycoin category. Pay attention to the availability of each product in stock! When you have collected enough Beautycoins to purchase a specific Beautycoin product, put it in your shopping bag* and place an online order that includes products that can be purchased with real money. Make sure you have enough beautycoins when you receive your order. After you pay for the order, pay with beautycoins for the product. Beautycoins cannot be exchanged for real money or other items other than those from the Beautycoins category.

* - you must log in to your account in order to put Beautycoin products in the cart.

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The mission of MoonGlow

MoonGlow - Out of love for a woman, the most beautiful thing in the world was born. And out of passion, the most grandiose projects are born. We want you to feel confident, attractive and in harmony with yourself. This is the mission of MoonGlow, the one that makes us constantly come up with premium products that make you smile every day.

Payment and delivery
Delivery in Moldova
Free delivery in Chisinau! Delivery on the territory of the Republic of Moldova outside of Chisinau: 75 lei - for orders up to 450 lei; free - for orders from 450 lei. Delivery up to 36 hours in Chisinau.
Payment methods:
1. Payment on the site - Paypal or Card (including LiberCard and gama cards); 2. Delivery to any store - Cash or card payment at pick up; 3. To the courier upon receipt - Payment with the card upon receipt of the order is possible only in the city of Chisinau!
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