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Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml
Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml
Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml
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Carenology95 RE:BLUE Boosting Multi Toner 150 ml

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Product description

Carenology95 RE: BLUE Boosting Multi Toner - toner relieves dehydration and soothes the skin. The infusion of blue chamomile harmonizes the acid-base balance, while ceramides and D-panthenol restore the protective barrier, reducing sensitivity.


The main active ingredients:
Blue tansy oil. 1 gram of oil is obtained from 2000 blue tansy plants, which grow in the wild in Morocco. It has a high content of chamazulen, which has a calming and relaxing effect. The oil relieves stress, accelerates the recovery process and strengthens the skin from the inside out.

Aloe vera. Soothes inflammation, stimulates tissue regeneration, tones, protects the skin from negative environmental factors. It also normalizes the skin microflora, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and regulates the sebaceous glands.

Chamomile extract. It has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, controls the activity of the sebaceous glands, absorbs excess fat, facilitates pigmentation and promotes healing of wounds and scars.

Lecithin. Restores the protective functions of aged, damaged skin, nourishes, improves the action of other active ingredients.

Ceramide. these are the necessary "healthy" fats, they are the basis of the lipid layer of the skin. Ceramide deficiency leads to dehydration, dryness, irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Panthenol (vitamin B5). Stimulates skin regeneration and collagen production, smoothes wrinkles and promotes the healing of microcracks, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.


- Prepares the skin for further skin care
- Harmonizes the pH balance
- Restores the protective barrier
- Soothes and moisturizes


Way of ussage:

apply the toner on cleansed skin, it can be used in several layers for deeper hydration.

150 ml
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Reviews (1)
Ana P.
6 months ago
Un toner de consistență apoasă. Miros plăcut. Potrivit pentru ten combinat și sensibil. Pentru tenul foarte sensibil poate sa fie iritant.