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A'Pieu Goblin Blackhead Real Big Nose Strip A'Pieu Goblin Blackhead Real Big Nose Strip
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A'Pieu Goblin Blackhead Real Big Nose Strip

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Product description


A T-shaped patch mask provides deep cleansing of the nose and eliminates all black spots. The patch mask is used to cleanse and is designed to open the pores, remove all impurities from them, and then narrow and soothe the irritated skin. Due to its T-shape, patches effectively cleanse nasal snouts, the honor of the face under the eyes, along the entire length of the nose, affects the forehead, reduce oily skin, fight inflammation, improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands and accelerate metabolic processes. Goblin Blackhead Real Big Nose Strip provides a triple cleansing effect:

The first is based on BHA acid and heating components that open pores, dissolve sebum plugs and skin sebum.

The second contains an extract of wine and substances that deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate black spots.

The third is saturated with natural ingredients that perfectly soothe the skin, moisturize it, make it soft and smooth.

Mode of application, 1. Remove the protective film, apply on the nose so that the mask covers the nose along the entire length, sinuses and part of the cheekbones, part of the forehead. 2. Leave on for 15-20 minutes until the mask has completely dried. then remove the mask.

25 gr
100% natural ingredients
Terms of validity
36 months
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